MFPS Case#: 00255

Posted June 6th, 2009 by Eric Haney

Case Number 00255 (Akron, Ohio - Private Residence) 


Private Residence located in Akron, Ohio. The client contacted us to help them investigate what they believe to be paranormal occurrences. There were 3 separate accounts from people living in the house, they were as follows:


Client #1: Was a young female about 25 years of age. She had reported to us seeing and hearing various strange occurrences such as a fast moving shadow which would be seen out of the corner of her eye near the hallway that lead upstairs and to the kitchen. She also had seen this shadow moving from her living area to the dining area past the patio doors. The shadow is normally seen at night. She reported hearing footsteps on the second floor when nobody was upstairs occupying the bedrooms.


Client #1 stated that while sleeping on the couch she felt a heavy weight or pressure pushing down on her which she described as a feeling that felt like is was pushing her chest into her back.


Client #1 has also stated that the secondary or spare bedroom door would open and/or close by itself but would never close with a force enough to latch. We checked the door's position open and closed for it's potential to drift on its own based on angle and level. The door was level and did not exhibit and forward or backward momentum on its own. According to the client this would occur when all windows and doors were closed. We did however open a window and opened the front door and closed it rapidly to check for any movement. The door only moved about 1/8 inch, not enough to engage the momentum it would need to travel the distance to a closed position.


Client #1 reported several electronic disturbances such as an X-Box game system switching on apparently when nobody was around to play with it. We unplugged the X-Box and re-applied power to test a power-up scenario to see if the X-Box would turn on if there was a power outage. The X-Box did not switch on after several attempts. Client #1 also reported new cell phone had mysteriously malfunctioned and would allow her to only use it with the speaker phone. Oddly enough, one of our investigators after the evening of the investigation had a failure with her phone only working on speaker phone mode. We also experienced several odd radio problems and recorder issues that were not readily explainable. We measured no electronic interference that could have accounted for these failures.


Client #1 also reported to hear what she perceived as a baby crying upstairs and a small boy crying out "HELP". Client #1 claimed to feel cold spots in both the kitchen and the master bedroom.


Client #2: Was a young male around 26 years of age. Client #2 has reported to see several full bodied apparitions in great detail. The first apparition seen was of a young female in her early 20's wearing a long nightgown and having a slash or cut horizontal across her front throat area. This female appeared to him several times and was once seen by him kneeling next to the bed in the master bedroom as if she was praying at the bed.


Client #2 claimed the female apparition once lunged at him or moved toward him quickly scaring him. This may have been just a perception of an attack by client #2 because many times an apparition will dart and move quickly which may give the appearance of a hostile move. If client #2 was actually seeing an apparition we do not believe it was a hostile act.


Client #2 also reported seeing an apparition of a middle aged male between the ages of 40 to 48 years old. This male apparition was wearing blue jean overall type clothing with a red or lighter colored checkered or flannel shirt. The apparition appeared to him but did not move around much. The male apparition had a cut or incision down his arm vertically and was showing Client #2 this wound. Client #2 also reported seeing a darker shadow figure that he was unable to describe much in detail other than it had appeared on the stairs, upper hallway and in the living area near the dining room. Client #2 claimed to have this dark shadow pass by him in the hallway once startling him.


Client #3: Was a young female also in her mid 20's that has reported seeing the apparition of a shadow figure moving and darting around the house. She had stated that the shadow would be seen both day and night and be visible near the dining area when seen. Client #3 also reported hearing footsteps and voices. Many of her claims are very close in description to Client #1 and Client #2 but more so with Client #1.

(1) EMF was flat for most of the dwelling at about 1mG with the exception of the electrical panel which measured upwards of 100 mG within a 2 ft. area around the wall box (Wall box was a Champion brand). Since the panel was located near the kitchen there was measurable EMF above 30 mG in some areas of the kitchen which could cause some effects in hypersensitive individuals.


It must be noted that the upstairs floor in master bedroom had cracked and creaked when walking in the bedroom area. Some of the cracks were very pronounced and must be considered for possible expansion and contraction noises during temperature changes and settling.


Team Personal Experiences: 


Eric - During an EVP session in the master bedroom approximately 10pm Eric felt an overwhelming heavy feeling come over him. He described the feeling as a weight on his upper body and shoulder area that was oppressive. This caused a small amount of nausea and dizziness which lasted about 4 or 5 minutes before letting up. During this time a video camera was recording and pointed towards him but no evidence of anything paranormal was captured. A Trifield EMF was used by Eric but nothing was recorded on EMF at the time of the incident.


Eric then felt this effect once later in the evening in the child's bedroom again lasting about 4-5 minutes. Also noted by Eric when in the master bedroom he had witnessed what appeared to be a white ball of light towards the ceiling in the walk in closet. This was about the size of a baseball and was dimly lit. He later witnessed a smaller golf ball sized orb of light move in a erratic motion in the walk in closet during the same EVP session he felt the heavy weighted feeling.


Scott - During the investigation Scott had witnessed several time what he believed to be small white pockets of mist about the size of a baseball. One of these moved towards him ending up right in front of him near his chest area and vanishing. These white misty shapes were seen in the master bedroom. During one of the sessions Scott was near the master bedroom closet and had witnessed a hanger in that closet start to swing back and forth, although Erik rushed over and caught the hanger moving on video the initial event was not captured and cannot be entered as evidence in the case.


General Team Notes - During the investigation Scott and Erik had felt what they describe as a needle like poke in the back. This event occurred to each investigator within a 10 minutes tim span in that same room. A young female visiting the residence was interviewed and she described what felt like needle pricks starting at the top of her leg going downward towards the foot while in bed one night. We immediately asked if she was mistaking the needle like sensations for the common condition of paresthesia (A Limb Falling Asleep) and she said no that she knew what that felt like and this was different. She stated that the feeling was very direct and pinpoint and could feel the needle like pokes travel one by one down her leg.


Evidence Review - After reviewing all the evidence we only came up with two possible EVP's. After reviewing each of these one was thrown out because we believed it may have been from another investigator. The one EVP that we captured occurred minutes after Jennifer and Erik starting conducting an EVP session in the master bedroom when we recorded a voice say "Take Her ....", after "Take Her" we could not quite make out what the rest says but we may think it says "Take Her Out of Here". We can only speculate that the voice was speaking of Jennifer or it was residual and we were picking up a recorded energy.


There was no video evidence on either MiniDV, DVR or HD. We had wireless audio running in the attic area because of strange noises but nothing to mention was picked up there.


Our Conclusions - After careful review of all the evidence, research, interviews and personal experiences we cannot conclusively say this dwelling is haunted however many personal experiences and one possible EVP do suggest that an energy of some sort is present and causing some of these anomalies. If there is an intelligent entity here we were unable to document its presence. As always personal experiences cannot stand as evidence of a valid haunting.

EVP #1 - “Take Her” 


This sound was captured during an EVP session with Scott, Eric and Client in the master Bedroom. This EVP is subject to interpretation so it is files as a Class B.

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