MFPS Case#: 00251

Posted March 12th, 2008 by Eric Haney

Case Number 00251 (Massillon, Ohio - Private Residence) 


Private Residence located in Massillon, Ohio. This case is still open, the second phase of the investigation is underway currently. Because of the activity involved in this case we have decided to post some of the phase 1 findings.


We were asked by the client to assist them in finding some answers to the paranormal events that were taking place in their home. The claims were as follows; Shadows, Apparitions seen by their 3 year old son, Footsteps, Knocking, Objects being thrown or knocked over, Toys turning on and off on their own, Voices, Scratching sounds on doors, Feeling of being watched and more.


Our research on the premises provided quite a bit of detail about the history of the house and the area. The house sits atop an old abandoned coal mine that was in operation from the mid 1800's to about 1950. There were several confirmed deaths associated with the property including a woman that lived in the house during the 20's & 30's who had died in the house in 1940. Her funeral was held in the house also. Some of the most interesting evidence is that of their 3 year old son seeing an apparition of a man in a mask with a dirty face. He has told us and his mother several times that he appears to him in the toy room, kitchen and elsewhere in the house.


We also uncovered a story that took place back in the 1950's. Two young boys were playing along side the river that runs behind the property near the coal mine when one of the boys slipped and fell into the water. The current started to drag him down towards the culvert that entered the city underground where this would have surely killed him when a man reached in grabbed the boy and pulled him to safety. The boy stated that the man looked like a coal miner wearing overhauls and having a dirty face just left without saying a word and walked into the woods and vanished.


The local authorities pursued this man to honor him for what he had done but could not find him. The local papers wrote about the incident asking the man to come forward so he may be appreciated for what he had done to save the boy but nobody had ever come forward. This sounds like a classic ghost story but we actually interviewed the man who was the friend of the boy that was there that day. He appeared to be very credible. The man who at the time was the boy who fell into the water was unavailable for interview.


Video Clips from the Private Investigation in Massillon, Ohio

EVP - “It Won’t”

EVP - “It Won’t”

Investigation Highlights

EVP #1 - “Metal Scrapping” 


This sound was captured during an EVP session with Erik and Shawn in the Cellar. The sound is what we believe to be a metal scrapping sound that was also heard by the investigators at the time.

EVP #2 - “Tapping Response” 


During an EVP session with Erik and Shawn, they asked for the entity to make a noise and received a tapping or knocking response. These were heard through the evening at various time in response to questions.

EVP #3 - “Yes” 


This EVP was recorded during an EVP session with Eric, Scott and Jennifer. It is very faint but can be heard with headphones. A question is asked and we receive a "Yes" response.

EVP #5 - “It Won’t” 


This voice was captured in the Beaver room. This capture was highly debated and was almost thrown out because we could not identify the origin as a true EVP or a person in the room. It responds with "Ok that was".



EVP #6 - “Hey” 


This voice was captured in the Beaver room. This capture was highly debated and was almost thrown out because we could not identify the origin as a true EVP or a person in the room. It responds with "Ok that was".

EVP #4 - “That’s Not Mine” 


This voice was captured in the cellar during an EVP session with Scott, Eric and Jennifer. Scott asks if that was him that casts a shadow on the wall in the cellar where many time the client will see a shadow pacing back and forth. We recorded "That's not mine".

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