MFPS Case#: 00250

Posted April 10th, 2008 by Eric Haney

EVP #1 - "Erik" 


The EVP below was recorded in the Tower room. Scott, Jennifer and Erik were conducting an EVP session when a whisper was heard calling Erik's name. You can hear "Erik" then following that Erik asks in anyone whispered.

EVP #2 - “Timothy” 


This EVP was captured in the Cage room during an EVP session with Eric and Shawn. It is very faint but can be heard with headphones. We were asking for a spirit to provide us with a name and we got "Timothy".

EVP #3 - “Fast Talker” 


Also in the cage room we picked up this sound which is referenced as a "Fast Talker". These are voices that appear to be communicating in a faster speech pattern. Many times when slowed down they can be understood.

Case Number 00250 (Kent, Ohio - Delta Tau Delta Fraternity) 


The Kent State Fraternity Delta Tau Delta asked us to investigate long time claims of paranormal activity at their fraternity house located in Kent, Ohio. The case is currently closed. After reviewing all the evidence and personal experiences we cannot claim the place to be haunted nor can we say it is not. At this time we can only label this case as inconclusive.

Below are all the experiences and evidence gathered during the investigation although not the best evidence ever captured it was all we could find during the course. There is a video and a few audio clips, no pictures were discovered to have any anomalies so were not included.


Video Clip for Delta Tau Delta Investigation

EVP #4 - “Ok that was” 


This voice was captured in the Beaver room. This capture was highly debated and was almost thrown out because we could not identify the origin as a true EVP or a person in the room. It responds with "Ok that was".

Tech Data:

Notes for Delta Tau Delta Case: 


There were high levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) detected in basement area covering most of the area. Wiring in ceiling measured about a 300-400mG EM field and about 1/2 way to the floor their were levels reaching 100mG. The 1st floor area above the basement measured levels between 50mG and 75mG especially in the the area where the couches and television are located in the living area. Levels were normal above the 1st floor measuring around 2.5 to 3mG.

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