MFPS Case#: 00247

Posted October 26th, 2008 by Eric Haney

Case Number 00247 (Cuyahoga Falls, OH - EMF Induced Hallucinations) 


Other private details left out. This case involved a middle age woman about 46 years of age. She claimed that several times near her bed at night she witnessed a black mass roughly resembling a human out line about 4-5 feet tall standing near the bed. She also stated the figure was larger near the bottom and smaller towards the top.

One of these events, she stated that the figure or mass moved towards her at a high rate of speed causing her to quickly pull the bed sheets over her head in fear. Upon removing the bed sheets from over her head the mass was no longer present. Further interviews and discussions uncovered she was having vivid dreams that were sometimes frightening and other times made no sense. She stated these were occurring around the time of the black mass experiences.


Investigation uncovered no drug or alcohol dependency. No sign or history of mental illness. She worked a full-time position, married and raised several children. Character references were all satisfactory. She was not currently taking or recently had taken any medications that could have produced hallucinations. Career position could not have introduced any possible elements that may have contributed to these experiences. The initial site survey was normal, nothing out of the ordinary was apparent.


The house and structure seemed sound and other occupants interviewed mainly spouse and 2 older male children had no experiences to back up the claims. Team members had no experiences and nothing recorded. As the investigation continued an investigator noted an exceptionally high level of a stationary EM field present in the Southwest corner of the bedroom where she had been sleeping. Upon further investigation we found the EM field to be propagating from an older what looked to be early 90's Radio Shack alarm clock.


A closer look revealed an astonishing 310 milliGauss exposure level that radiated to about a 3 foot area around the alarm clock. Closer measurements of the clock were off the scale! This exposure radius placed the woman's head directly in the EM field at night when she slept.

We revealed the findings to the home owner and recommended replacing the clock with a newer more energy efficient model. We explained the link between high EMF exposure to the human body and its effects such as hallucinations, skin irritations, headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea and etc. She promptly removed the clock and purchased a new model. So far, about 6 months has passed and no black mass figures, strange dreams or anything paranormal has occurred.


We believe that this was a classic case of EMF exposure, but we will keep in contact with the woman periodically as a follow up. I think this was a great case and gives us all a good lesson to learn.


Case Data:

There were no photos, audio or video evidence selected here for this case listing. The study of this case reveals important considerations when investigating claims of a haunting. It is very important to check for all man made causes of the phenomena before placing the label "Haunted" on a case. We continue to study this case and watch it closely, there is still much to be learned.

Although this case has been closed for quite some time, there has been no known issues to date. It is very clear that a connection between EMF exposure and physiological symptoms do exist and the evidence is becoming more substantial everyday!


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