Our Mission Statement 


The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society strives to provide an objective and unbiased approach to the scientific study, investigation, and research of paranormal phenomenon.


"With integrity you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt. With fear and guilt removed you are free to be and do your best. ~ Zig Ziglar"


Who we are… 


Munroe Falls Paranormal Society (MFPS) is a non-profit (Registered with the State of Ohio) group of Paranormal Investigators and Researchers based in Munroe Falls, Ohio just outside of Akron. With a collective team experience of 50+ years in paranormal research and investigation, the MFPS team brings together a professional approach to solving paranormal phenomena.


The group was formed with the initiative to seek the truth behind many types of paranormal phenomena. MFPS takes a scientific approach to all claims of the paranormal with the intent of assisting the client by researching, documenting, validating, educating and counseling throughout the investigation process. While MFPS offers its services free of charge we are still able to provide a professional quality investigative service utilizing the latest technologies and practices in the paranormal research and investigation field.


The MFPS team provides community support for home owners, property owners, business owners, historical sites or anywhere this phenomena may be reported to exist. The MFPS team consists of engineers, historians, researchers, investigators, counselors, psychics and technicians with several affiliations with other paranormal organizations through out the United States.


MFPS now supports onsite research and investigation for the entire state of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and Northern West Virginia with US and World Wide support via email, forum and telephone including referral services to help with finding quality local assistance in non MFPS coverage areas.


There can be many explanations for paranormal events besides spirit or ghostly activity, these can be but are not limited to the following; High levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), Weather events, Drugs, Alcohol, Mental Illness and lighting phenomena. There are also real unexplained paranormal events that occur and in these situations people that are exposed to the activity are often very frightened, concerned and usually feel helpless and have nobody to turn to. These types of events are what we specialize in and when unexplainable phenomena occurs we can determine if it is genuinely paranormal or not, and then assist the client through counseling, education, research and documenting the activity. On certain occasions we can assist in reducing or eliminating the paranormal problem. This has to be examined on a case by case basis to determine if elimination is possible or needed.


What services do we offer? 


We can assist with all claims of paranormal phenomena. This would include, but is not limited to: spiritual and demonic haunting's, poltergeist phenomenon, occult-like phenomenon, psychic abilities and related phenomenon. We can also assist with UFO sightings and claims of abduction.


Here is a brief list of paranormal phenomenon we can help you with:


  • Ghosts & Haunting's
  • Poltergeists
  • Occult-like Phenomena
  • Psychic Related Events
  • Strange Creatures
  • Earth Mysteries
  • Religious Mysteries
  • Witchcraft & Spells


What cases do we accept? 


We prioritize our cases by severity. If there are children involved in the case or the possibility of physical or mental harm we will attend to these first. If your situation provides the possibility for physical evidence to be obtained for research then a high priority may be assigned to the case file. An evaluation will be done in the beginning of the process to determine if you qualify for case advancement.


Our Investigation Process 


We can be contacted by E-mail, Telephone or Secure Form (See Contact Us). Once we have received a request you will be contacted by a case manager who will at the time perform a basic interview over the phone.


You will be asked to provide details of the phenomena. The interviewer will also ask the client a series of questions that may include divulging some personal information including but not limited to any current or past psychological problems, drug or alcohol usage and medical background.


All information is kept strictly confidential! We do not release nor discuss personal information outside of MFPS. Clients who have been considered for investigation will undergo the possibility of several telephone interviews to establish case files and validity of the occurrence. Once these are completed, a meeting will be scheduled at your facility or home to introduce members of MFPS and perform a site survey.


After all due diligence has been completed we will schedule with the client an overnight investigation. During this period of time we will utilize several types of technologies to try and document the phenomenon and find possible natural causes. If by the end of the investigation no natural or logical cause to the phenomenon can be found only then may we label the case as haunted. If the client's case has been marked as "Haunted", further assistance can be recommended to the client based on the case needs. Depending on the activity additional investigations and possible overnight surveillance may be requested. This is usually determined on a case by case basis.


How much does it cost? 


We do not charge our clients for any services we offer. We firmly believe that true paranormal events do occur quite often and being witness to and having the ability to document these occurrences is payment enough. We honestly do believe that some people are in need of assistance with the paranormal, especially children. Helping to bring a sense of comfort to a individual or family is rewarding in itself.


What to do if you need help? 


If you feel that your house or facility is haunted or you have some other paranormal phenomena occurring in your home, work place or where ever it may be please contact us immediately. We can be reached at ehaney@munroe-falls-paranormal-society.com. or click on Contact Us to find other methods of reaching us. Please try and give us as much detail about the occurrence or events that are taking place. As soon as we receive a report it will be promptly reviewed and a case assistant will contact you shortly.


Some Assurances 


  • Considering us is not a contract, you may always opt out of an investigation.
  • We are insured, details available upon request.
  • You need not be sure of the nature of your unexplainable events, we are here to investigate and assist you with your concerns.
  • Not every case will require a full investigation, some problems can be solved right over the phone or email.
  • We do not create or exaggerate evidence. As we do our work for science and not personal thrill we are just as happy to inform that a cold spot is only a damaged seal on a window as we are to inform that there is paranormal activity.
  • We offer confidential investigations.
  • Have a doubter in the family? No problem, we accept all beliefs, cultures, and religions.
  • We NEVER provoke to get results. We understand that you have to live and work in the environment after we leave, and do not do things that would worsen the situation.
  • All cases are prioritized by severity. Those involving children or the possibility of physical harm will be handled first.
  • We are honest and always truthful.
  • For our clients safety and peace of mind, all MFPS personnel undergo background checks.
  • We will never charge you for any of our services.
  • We are available anytime of the day or night to answer your questions. If our answering service is contacted, we will return the call ASAP.


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